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June 27, 2016

World Touring With The Little Ones

As a busy mom with kids, I often feel that I have missed out on a lot of things in life. This is especially true when it comes to realizing certain dreams.  And one of my dreams has always been to travel the world. As you can imagine, finding the time to travel can be difficult enough. And this is even more true when you have children. And forget trying to travel with kids. Safety is always my number 1 concern when it comes to my children, and it can be difficult to find travel companies that cater to both children and adults.

Fortunately I recently connected with a group tour company called Original World. They are great since they allow children along and cater to families. They have a great many different options when it comes to tours too. Heres a what i was able to glean from their operators:

Asia World Tours

Original World has about 9 tours in Asia, which covers places like Tibet, China, Mongolia, Southeast Asia, and Bangledesh. These tours seem to be geared to mostly out of the way places, such as Taktskang monastery and Paro for instance.( I am planning on going on this one in the fall, and will update this post accordingly.)

Middle East World Tours

This one is not as all encompassing as the above, but they do have quite an interesting itinerary, especially if you opt for the Morocco inclusion. I have heard a lot of good things about Casablanca, and I may go on this one in the future.


I recently went on one of their tours of India and had a wonderful time. Here are my thoughts…

This tour was an all compassing look at the North India country side, and we also visited many religious and heritage sites on the way. The kids loved the Pushcar camel fair, which i thought was unique in that it was more like a “tribal market” than a traditional open market.

india1 india2 india3 jaip

There was a lot to see. I particular loved the temple and palace buildings. And we saw a lot of awesome monuments as well, mostly statues of dignitaries and Hindu deities.

And no trip to India is complete without a visit to the Taj Mahal, of course. The kids especially liked that one, since it was quite a splendor.


Our journey also took us through the Himalayas. We got to see the  Monastery of Ki, which looks like something out of a fantasy movie. This palace like structure is at the top of a mountain and clocks in at around 14,000 ft! It is a training place where the monks go to learn more about Buddhism practices. The fort is in a historically strategic location, so it has a sordid history of attacks by neighboring countries.

Original Worlds Indian tour was very culturally immersive, and it was also very family friendly, as Original world provided ample support to ensure our continued comfort and safety along the way.. Our guide was nice and good with the kids as well!