Welcome to A Mom’s Fresh Start. At A Mom’s Fresh Start we aim to inspire, encourage and empower other parents to be the best and most confident parents they can be. We will share our real life experiences in a honest and open manner with the hopes that our knowledge will help you in some way towards find your own answers to those tough parenting questions.

Our post stem from the idea that each parent has the opportunity to get a fresh start, and a new beginning to survive conquer parenthood their own way. Parents today are constantly learning about the art of parenting from our own mothers, family members and friends, but we are not conformed to or restricted to by what we learn from them. We are able to have our own fresh style of parenting based on the decisions we make. And we get this fresh start with each child we have because we are constantly learning and evolving.

A Mom’s Fresh Start was created as a way for me to express my thoughts, opinions and experiences on being a wife, becoming a mother and raising a son. I am no expert, and I have no credentials in this field. I simply share whatever it is the Lord lays on my heart to share, what I have experienced, what works for me and whether I recommend it to you. Most of the information I share will be information I have learned from other sources and I will try 110% to always share my sources.