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November 29, 2010

Keeping It Clean

With in the past few weeks I shared about how once the first trimester finally past I was able to get my life, home and work back in order. It took some work and concentration but I gained some balance back in my life and I do not feel embarrassed to have people come by my home any more. But I am realizing now that getting it clean was the easy part. Keeping it in order is now lot harder than I thought.

While I have gained somewhat more control over my mood, attitude and outlook, my energy level hasn’t fully returned yet. I have always been a morning person so my most productive time is spent right as I get out of bed. However I am finding that the amount of time I have to get myself ready for work, get my son ready for day care and complete projects around the home is limited because I value my sleep time so much. On the other end of things, by the time I leave work and head home I am so drained of life I can barely focus to get a decent dinner on the table. It is even worse when my husband has to work later than planned and isn’t available to help watch my son ‘explore’ the house while I try to cook. I have even tried to do some small projects after the son has gone to bed … only works about 25% of the time because I myself am so exhausted that I end up falling asleep myself. Never imagined that I would have 10 hour of sleep a night and still think that wasn’t enough.

So my question to you all is how do I find the time and energy to maintain the cleanliness and order in my home without losing precious sleep time? What has worked for you? How does your choices effect the balance and quality time in your family?