What Else Can I do

My life has been an non-stop, ever running journey of events, hobbies, adventures and change. My interests and priorities always adjusting to what God has brought to my attention. These wonderful experiences has brought me to several other blogs that I would like to share with you.

For a few years my husband and I were able to start up, operate and succesfully own a small business called Forever Always Events. We worked out of the DC, Maryland area and helped several brides on there wedding day. As of today, since we have relocated to the south eastern part of the US we have put our business on hold until we have gotten settled in, but occasionally I still post some nice wedding related details on the site. Check us out:www.faevent.com.

Personally, we have been blessed with the opportunity of life time and we are currently in the process of growing our own little baby. I have spent that last 6 months as a host for my son and look forward to the remaining 3.5 months of baby development. I wanted to have some way of communicating to our families across the globe how the baby was doing and what fun experiences hubby and I have as we learn what having a baby is really like. So we created a blog to share our stories. Check out that journey and much more here:www.channersfirstbaby.blogspot.com. You may seem some corresponding entries in both this blog and that blog.

As life goes on, who knows, I may be inspired to create yet another blog. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!